There is unprecedented collaboration happening in Philadelphia and we are committed to ending homelessness among veterans by December 2015.  Be part of the effort to house those who fought for our home.

On a single night in January 2014, approximately 357 veterans in Philadelphia were sleeping on our streets, in emergency shelters, safe havens and transitional housing.  This number is inexcusable.  Homelessness is always a tragedy but for someone who has bravely served our country and fought for our homes it is a travesty.  

In the past year alone, our community has reduced the number of veterans experiencing in Philadelphia by 19 percent, a decline from 440 to 356.  This is a clear indication that the efforts of dedicated partners are working.  But we are all aware, that until we end veteran homelessness, there is still work to be done.

Philly Vets Home 2015 launched in August 2013 with a monumental goal of housing 225 veterans experiencing homelessness in 100 days, of which 33% (or 75) have been chronically homeless.  After 100 days, it is astounding what a determined team can accomplish.  Our housing rate more than doubled and we reached our chronic goal.

We are not done.  The sprint continues!

On January 9th, we started our second 100-day sprint with a new goal of housing 189 homeless veterans (1 more than DC), of which 75 are chronic, of which 25 are unsheltered.  With this new goal came with new action items for our team to address.  Again, after 100 days we were thrilled by the progress, especially with our chronic placement rate, but knew we were far from done.

We are busy, determined, and passionate.  And we planning to launch a third 100-day sprint with a focus on coordinated assessment and housing placement system as part of the 25 Cities initiative during our Community Design Workshop Launch on June 4th.  We are excited to report out what happens on this BIG DAY!

Join us!


3 thoughts on “History

  1. Anthony Wayne II is still looking for Applicants to fill our 2 bedrooms units $802.00 per any questions please feel free and contact us at (215)271-2710

  2. The sprint is continuing. We are RE-LAUNCHING with a new stretch goal. We were blown away by the success during the first 100 days. We are determined to do it again!

  3. Thank you for the continued support from the community. Year of the Veteran! A weekly VONT meeting aligned with the City and 8 community partners! Commitments from our team members! We are closing in on the end of our second 100-days. Follow our blog for updates. Of course, more to come. The engine is growing stronger and faster. Join us.

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