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We Need Your Help to Bring Vets Home:

Every single person can play a critical role in ending homelessness among veterans in Philadelphia.  There are three key ways to help.


Philadelphia agencies serving people experiencing receive federal resources to do outreach to veterans, assess their needs and provide limited housing funds, but these funds do not encompass all of the resources needed to move a veteran from the street into a home. That’s where you come in. We rely solely on the generosity of individual and corporate donors to pay for needed move-in costs, such as furniture, security and utility deposits, and basic household necessities. For $1,000, we move a veteran off the streets and into a place they call home. We invite you to join our mission and contribute so that all veterans can finally come home from battle.  The Campaign is accepting secure donations through the Veterans Multi-Service Center.  Please be sure to “direct your donation to” Philly Vets Home 2015.


As a property owner, we need your help as we embark on this incredibly important task by allowing veterans experiencing homelessness to rent from your housing properties.  Some veterans participate in the HUD-VASH program, which is a case management supported housing program through HUD and the VA. Other veterans may receive supportive case management services through the City’s Department of Behavioral Health. Some may not require ongoing intensive supportive services, but just need a safe, stable, affordable place in which to live.

To express your interest in renting your property to a local veteran, please complete this form or email for more information!


Join the movement. Sign the Pledge!

There are many cities across this nation committed to ending homelessness among veterans.  Philadelphia should be the first.  But we can’t solve a problem that we don’t acknowledge.  Connect to this effort.  Spread the word.  If we commit to this goal, veterans in the City of Philadelphia will have a place to call home.

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