We are all in this together – Year of the Veteran

It’s the Year of the Veteran!  Our team has already been thrilled at the success of increasing the housing placement rate for Veterans experiencing homelessness.  We have more work to do and are even more inspired.

There has been some amazing support in advocating for, claiming, and celebrating the Year of the Veteran.  Congrats to all who have been a part of it.  But now it is up to all of us to make the resolutions in the charter a reality.  

First there was the Presentation on February 27th at City Hall when the Resolution was read. Second, there was the Celebration at the Liberty Museum.  What’s next?

As a strong coalition of the major players in ending homelessness among our Veterans, we are determined to continue to increase the housing placement rate, especially for those who are chronically.  We are aligning outreach efforts across organizations and with the City.  We are looking at all available housing resources and making sure the resources are there to make an apartment a home and keep people housed.  

We are looking at the system we have in place and all coming together to make sure that no one who served this country is without a place to call home.  More work to come!

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