Veteran Wayne Jones (left) and property owner, Ron Egan, signing an apartment lease.

Just in time for the holidays, three Veterans in Philadelphia received the ultimate gift — a place of their own to call home.  Staff at the Philadelphia Housing Authority and a local property owner worked at lightening speed to house three veterans before the holidays. “Being part of the process, especially during this time of the year, makes the hard work worth it,” said Bret Holden, the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s Director of Eligibility and Special Programs.  Mr. Wayne Jones and two other Veterans signed their leases on Friday, December  20th.  Mr. Jones said he is happy to be in his new home before the holidays. Mr. Ron Egan, the property owner, has been so motivated by the HUD-VASH program, that he wants to purchase additional properties to rent to veterans.  Mr. Egan not only filled his vacant units, but he personally drove to pick up the veterans, transport them to see the units, and complete the paperwork.  His dedication to housing Veterans is inspirational.  

The success in expediting the leasing procedures for these veterans is just a fraction of what we are doing at Philly Vets Home. Starting January 9, we are re-launching with a SECOND 100-DAY GOAL to to house 189 veterans in 100 days—targeting 75 who have been chronically homeless and 25 individuals who are currently unsheltered. 

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